NS0-162 Certification: What You Need to Know Before Taking the Test

NetApp NS0-162 certification is one of the most sought-after certifications in the NetApp industry, which are only awarded to select individuals. It can take about 2 to 3 years to be certified.
About 10 years ago, there was a program named IN0-111 which was primarily focused on skills enhancement and certification programs of the NetApp users. After a lapse of a few years, IN0-012 and IN0-036 certifications were launched. These certifications were in tune with emerging technologies like NFS and iSCSI in NetApp products.
NetApp requires you to work on the latest technologies in its product stack to be certified on NetApp certified products.

What are the Prerequisites to Take the NS0-162 Certification?

There are no prerequisites for the certification exam. The exam is self-paced and there are no prerequisites for the exam. There is, however, the NS0-162 exam training provided by TestsExpert before taking the exam.

The knowledge you learn during this certification course is the same knowledge that you would gain from taking the 8-hour certification course. If you already have experience with NetApp products you will be familiar with the processes and procedures for certification, however, if not you will need to spend an additional four hours of study to prepare for the test.


Exam Layout for NS0-162 Certification

Anybody with basic knowledge of data services can take the NetApp Certification Examination (NS0-162). This knowledge is of theoretical nature only. The exam fee is USD 200 and consists of 48 questions plus 2 practice exams and is divided into 3 parts, depending on the number of years of practical experience. The structure of the exam is divided into 6 sections.

Systems and Operations of NetApp Storage systems Introduction to Data services, Storage management, and other related topics. Data storage; including data preparation, storage management, database operation, and other related topics.

Study Kit for the NetApp NS0-162 Exam

Understanding provides which would help you with the certification exam, know how to pass the certification exam, with a score of pass or pass and 50%. It will also help you to review materials, test practice, review questions, and timelines. You can choose any training course by TestsExpert. The TestsExpert learning center provides NETAPP certification courses for entry-level, intermediate, and advanced levels.

TestsExpert training kit will help you to prepare for the exam as it contains questions and responses, that can be successfully answered on paper, rather than in a computer-based testing environment, that is the NETAPP Certification Test.

You can download the sample of the exam to get more clarity before taking the exam. You can take the NetApp certification exam via online test, the exam can be taken for free, by the way, the exam has free online access to the materials. The online test is fairly well designed and it is relatively straightforward.