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The Microsoft MO-400 certification exam will show you what it takes to be considered a Microsoft Outlook Expert. You’ll need to know a lot about how Microsoft Outlook works, especially how to effectively configure, customize, and monitor your Microsoft Outlook.

You’ll also be expected to show that you know how to use all of Outlook’s key features, including Active Directory, Automatic Delete, Smart Folders, Mail Manager, Meeting, SMTP/IMAP, Mail Recorder, Mail Simulations, Outlook Tasks, Outlook Timeline, Active Directory Federation Services, Mail Access Control Lists, Exchange SSO, Exchange ActiveSync, Virtual Mailboxes, Microsoft Exchange PIM, and more.

As you’ll see when you take the MO-400 exam, the Microsoft Outlook exam is much more than just an end-of-day checklist.

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The Best Study Habits to Prepare for MO-400 Exam Preparation

When it comes to passing the MO-400 Certification Exam, there are a couple of aspects that will drastically improve your chances of success. The first is preparation. If you want to successfully pass your exam, you can get quality M)-400 Exam dumps from TestsExperts. Preparation means reading and studying several hours a day every day for at least three months. The second is the use of any extra time to practice the test for 40 hours. In fact, an even more accelerated study program with 100 hours of studying a month can significantly improve your chances of passing. This program has been used by over half of the MO-400 certified test takers. The third aspect is focusing on and accepting a consistent study routine.

Microsoft MO-400 Certification Exam and its Importance in this Era?

The TestsExperts Certification Preparation program, better known for the MO-400 Preparation, is a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know to pass the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam and work as a Microsoft Office Specialist. The MO-400 is a best-selling Microsoft certification guide by TestsExpert that covers everything from the most basic usage of Microsoft Office to advanced subjects.

The MO-400 is not designed to help you become an expert on all Microsoft Office products and functionality. Instead, the manual is specifically designed to help you achieve the MOS certification. You can achieve the MOS certification with much less work and much more preparation.