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Hortonworks Certification (HDP) is a comprehensive open-source software platform that offers software development and data management solutions to enterprise organizations. HDP provides seamless management of computing, storage, streaming, document, geospatial, analytics, and AI (artificial intelligence) resources across an enterprise.

It features an extensible framework with support for HBase, Cloudera Data Warehouse, Apache Spark, and Hive as well as integrated tools to build, run, analyze and secure data. It enables data-centric companies to design and develop new products faster and reach their competitive advantage by addressing all facets of analytics and operations.

What is Hortonworks Certification And What Is Its Purpose?

A skilled engineer can evaluate technologies, perform quality assurance testing, and produce hard-coded code from the source to deploy an integration. Hortonworks has become truly outstanding and driving merchants in the space of Big Data and Hadoop. It disperses open-source Apache Hadoop economically with next to no other restrictive programming. Hortonworks offers certificates for the Big Data experts that are perceived well in the business. Also, the Hortonworks certificate enhances one’s profession.

How to Get Enroll with Hortonworks Certification?

If you are a certified developer on Hortonworks or know someone who is a certified developer on Hortonworks, then you might be interested in getting certified to help your candidate and workforce realize the benefits and value of getting certified. This guide will help you along with the process.

Ensure you read the following points and you are certified before proceeding to the next step.

Read through the list of certification-related materials that you should make sure that you read through.

Find out if there are any associated fees involved.

Make sure you have all the required documents in order.

Check if your employer will be able to support your certification requirements.

Important Tips to Become a Hortonworks Certified Engineer

By this time, you should know how Hortonworks actually works and why it’s such a ‘must-have’ piece of software for any organization that requires Hadoop and the clusters that power it.

The best way to prepare for the exam is to read the actual exam guides and spend a little time watching videos of other people taking the exam.

The rest is entirely up to you, but you should think about what questions you actually know the answers to, and start putting together some flashcards to help you remember the test objectives.