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What is SAP Certification and How it Became So Important?

The SAP system is used for enterprise resource planning, human capital management, marketing, manufacturing, procurement, and many more services

Scope of the SAP C_HCMOD_01 Exam

The C_HCMOD_01 Exam will cover the following topics:

The SAP C_HCMOD_01 exam is a computer-based test. The exam is available for all participants to sit at their own pace and can be taken at any time of the year.

The test format is Q&A with multiple choice questions on the predefined examination.

The learning objectives include:

Present current functions and processes of the processes and procedures and details in the environment. Present current functions and processes of the processes and procedures to administer the desired outcome.


Human Capital Management (HCM) and Its Basics

Business Process Management (BPM) is the control of processes within an organization. Organizations use this area of HR to monitor all facets of a business process such as the design, development, training, and operational aspects of it.

Human capital management (HCM) refers to the areas of HR that encompass the management of the recruitment and development of all human assets.

SAP C_HCMOD_01 Exam Preparation Resource:

SAP Certified Associate – HR Tech Hub (5 Part HCM Video Series)

HR Tech Hub (5 Part HCM Video Series) HR Tech Hub (5 Part HCM Study Guide)

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Are You Preparing for the C_HCMOD_01 Certification Exam?

Learn SAP ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning 6.0 EHP5, (If your school offers the exam, ask for a special hard copy).

Study and preparation tips

Ask a training provider for the proper certification course and exam format to prepare for the C_HCMOD_01 Certification Exam

Prepare using the correct approach to teaching material

Engage with the course for the full 15 hours to complete it

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C_HCMOD_01 Certification Exam Preparation Tips:

Enroll in the SAP ERP 6.

The Future of C_HCMOD_01 in the Digital Transformation Era

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