1Z0-439-21 Exam: Everything You Need to Know Before You Take the Test

The 1Z0-439-21 exam is a certification administered by the Oracle Certification Program. The certification gives people with a working knowledge of Oracle Database access to use the most up-to-date version of the software for 12 months from the date of certification. A certification only makes you a better and more experienced employee and helps you move to higher levels of your career. Oracle Certified Professional (Oracle EBSCO Publishing) 1Z0-439-21 is a business degree certification that covers topics like management, data management, and security, and legal compliance.

Oracle certification exams vary in difficulty. The OCEA exam focuses on the primary Oracle software used for building applications on Oracle databases and having technical skills and abilities to troubleshoot those applications as well as “troubleshoot complex applications and reduce risk. Oracle Certification is one of the most trusted and awarded certifications. It is a program of expert training courses from Oracle. It has been designed by Oracle experts and trainers for the past 25 years.

What is the Oracle Certification?

Oracle Certification is not a secret organization. It was started in 1970 and is responsible for Oracle quality assurance, and the consistent enforcement of good Oracle practices across all aspects of the IT infrastructure. As mentioned before, a large portion of the Oracle infrastructure is deployed globally, and therefore any breaches of appropriate quality management are devastating to the business. In fact, without proper Oracle certifications, the bottom line of business will most likely take a huge hit.


Exam Pattern for Oracle 1Z0-439-21 Certification

Firstly, the exam consists of 70 multiple-choice questions covering 4 domains. For each of these domains, a question carrying 40 marks is asked. The first half of the test consists of approximately 100 questions while the second half of the test comprises approximately 10 questions. The test is split into two parts, each of which is sub-divided into four parts. The answers to each question carry 20 marks while the average of all the questions in a part carries 40 marks.

Some Important Questions for Oracle 1Z0-439-21 Exam

Which two statements are true about User Preference templates? (Choose two.)


  1. They can be routed for approvals in a Business
  2. Only one User Preference template can be
  3. You can have multiple User Preference
  4. They are automatically applied when importing


When can an assignee decline a task if an option is enabled for a step? Response:

  1. if there are multiple assignees on the step and the others have all already declined
  2. if the assignee is the only assignee on the step and has the ability to add assignees on the step
  3. if the assignee is the only assignee on the step and has the ability to add CC
  4. if there are multiple assignees on the step who are yet to accept/decline the task


What determines the availability of Details Forms and Line Item lists when creating a Business Process? Response:

  1. Business Process behavior
  2. Business Process type
  3. Business Process subtype
  4. Business Process level

Identify one function granted to On Hold users. Response:

  1. They can be added to
  2. They can log into
  3. They can initiate Business
  4. They can create Business