Prepare For Your Oracle 1Z0-342 Exam: A Guide To Passing The Test

The Oracle 1Z0-342 Exam is a computer-based examination with multiple choice questions in 72 different examination topics. There are 4 sections – Section A, Section B, Section C, and Section D. The examination is scheduled in three-time blocks. For section A the examination is scheduled for two hours, section B for three hours, and section C for four hours. The exam period is divided into two parts. Part 1 begins after the examination opening, while part 2 begins after the end of the first part of the examination. This time schedule allows for adequate rest and recovery time between the examination sessions, although it also decreases the chances of students completing the entire examination in a single session.

What Is Oracle Certification?

Oracle certification is an identity token given by the Oracle Certification Authority to recognize and attribute Oracle expert certifications, especially the certifications issued by Oracle Certification Authority or OCAs. OCAs are Oracle certification authorities, which can be either Oracle or third-party certified by Oracle. OCAs are also the ones that issue the original Oracle certifications. OCAs are authorized by Oracle to sign and authenticate Oracle certifications. The credentials that are associated with OCAs are different from the certificates that are given to Oracle customers. For that reason, Oracle certifications are different from OCAs’ credentials.


Why Should You Take This Exam?

As you go for the qualifying exams, there are two important things that you should keep in mind:

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Some Important Question Answer for the Oracle 1Z0-342 Exam

Question # 1

Your client created a journal entry to add cost for some fixed asset records but Is having trouble finding the batch in fixed assets in order to post the G/L entry to Fixed Assets.

With no access to the system, which two items should your client verify?

  1. The accounts used on the journal entry are within the FX range of accounts in the
  2. The accounts used on the Journal entry are within the FD range of accounts In the
  3. The journal entry included an asset
  4. The entry was posted to the G/L (the G/L posted code is equal to P).
  5. The accounts used on the journal entry are within the AT range of accounts in the AAIs,

Question # 2

Which three rules apply when setting up Invoice Document Type Codes in UDC table 00/DT?

  1. Some document types are hard-coded.
  2. Both Invoice and receipt document types are set up In UDC 00/DT.
  3. The special handling code must be populated for all document
  4. All document types are soft-coded.
  5. All document types are hard-coded.
  6. Invoice document types that are set up In UDC OO/DT should also be set up In UDC 00/DT