1Y0-A26 Citrix Certification Exam – All You Need To Know to Succeed

The Citrix 1Y0-A26 Exam is designed to test a candidate’s knowledge of the Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp products, and a depth understanding of Citrix go to market strategy. A candidate will be assessed on each of the following knowledge areas:

  • Application Integration Lifecycle
  • Application delivery and design patterns
  • End-to-end Citrix delivery models
  • ITIL Delivery
  • IT Operations Management
  • VDA functions
  • VDA lifecycle management
  • XenDesktop VDA Lifecycle Management

Who Should Apply For Citrix 1Y0-A26 Exam?

This exam is designed for systems administrators who know Citrix systems but are not fully up to date on Citrix updates. The exam is designed to evaluate your system administrator skills and abilities and your ability to apply current Citrix knowledge and practices, with a focus on Citrix vCloud Air, to help you in your ongoing Citrix responsibilities.

The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions covering these topics. Each question requires the candidate to take an informed judgment and also includes a one-sentence response section at the end of the question. In case of a tie, both questions will be re-evaluated by the assessors.

The Citrix 1Y0-A26 Exam is known as one of the toughest Computer Science exams. This exam is one of the most critical exams.


What Exactly is Citrix Certification?

Citrix or XenApp and XenDesktop is a Unified Desktop virtualization platform in use by thousands of enterprises worldwide to run all the major operating systems, including Windows 10, macOS, and Linux on the same virtual desktop server. Citrix operates Citrix Cloud that provides a high-performance XenDesktop and XenApp datacenter virtualization platform for customers on-premises or in the Cloud. XenDesktop and XenApp with XenDesktop DU 4.6 can operate across a wide range of hardware configurations from a single hardware configuration.

Study Habits for Passing the Exam

The major points to remember for passing the Citrix 1Y0-A26 Exam

a.Practice from Time to Time

Learning is a continuous process, you must continuously update your knowledge. Sometimes it is good to put your fingers on the book while driving to work. It is not so bad to spend an hour or two at a time going over the syllabus for a few days in a row. Do not forget that if you miss a single day of studying you will make a mistake which can cost you the exam.

b. Learn the Rules and Conventions of the Examination as you go along

You will learn the rules and conventions of the examination as you go along, study them well and you will not make mistakes, take notes on what the examiner says and follow that up.

Practicing an actual scenario is a must for good results in Citrix 1Y0-A26 exam. Practice scenarios from the TestsExpert. After you have successfully answered the questions, try to come up with questions and solve them.